As experienced consultants at senior level, we provide expert advice and support for your project. 

With us, you will find the right professional for your digital transformation, agile transition or software development project.

Our consulting and advisory services are based on the following core competencies:

> Agile scaling and scaling frameworks

SAFe implementation

Agile and customer centric methodology

> Management 3.0 and Agile Leadership

> Remote facilitation and workshop techniques

> Scrum Master, RTE and Product Owner, Product Manager support

Product Backlog Management

> Requirements Engineering

In addition to classic consulting, we also perform temporary key positions as interim Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager or Release Train Engineer (RTE).


Our work focuses on equipping people with competencies in Facilitative Leadership and Business Agility. 

We believe that leaders who successfully apply both developmental and results-oriented methods promote the adaptability and growth of their employees while sustainably improving the effectiveness and productivity of their teams.

The focus is on providing actionable and practical skills to develop a trust-based employee culture that leads to autonomy, self-organisation and excellence.

This support is available in different levels of delivery:

  • as a leadership coach or mentor
  • as a sparring partner or critical observer
  • as a trainer or hands-on expert

In role-specific coaching, the aim of our work is to optimise the potential of Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Product Managers, Release Train Engineers, System and Solution Architects as well as Enterprise Architecture Management and to assist you in the development of your digital solutions - with a focus on the users and sustainable results.


Our recipe for success is not just to teach dry theory, but to enrich hands-on training with practical exercises and real-world examples.

We conduct individual trainings and private SAFe courses for your organisation. 

Book a field-tested trainer for your in-house SAFe trainings with us

> Leading SAFe
SAFe for Government
SAFe for Teams
Product Owner / Product Manager
SAFe Scrum Master
Release Train Engineer
SAFe for Architects

To complement and deepen your knowledge, we are also happy to offer you targeted methodology training.

We are specialised in online courses and know what is important for remote implementation.

Our standard of professionalism ensures you can sit back and relax. 


+ Organised - We are prepared, always with Plan B (and C).
+ Proven - We use reliable, proven tools.
+ Secured - We pay attention to sensitive information and data security.
+ Empathic - We are human-centered and value mindfulness.
+ Personal - We know our clients by name, not by number.

You probably already use certain tools for virtual collaboration. We will coordinate the set-up with you according to your wishes and ideas.

Take advantage of our flexible scheduling and determine when you want your training to take place.

How can we help you?

Contact us and let us know what questions you have. We will be happy to answer your request.